Nusa Lembongan, a small island off the southeast coast of Bali, is the perfect destination for those in search of white sand beaches and crystal clear water teaming with sea life. It is the most well-known of the three islands in the Nusa Penida district. Nusa Lembongan has become more popular as a tourist destination in recent years, but it has maintained its low-key, surfer’s paradise vibe.


What you can do in Nusa Lembongan?

  1. Explore the Beaches

As is the case with the rest of Bali, one of Nusa Lembongan’s main draws are it’s stunning beaches. The crystal clear and startlingly blue water, the soft white sand, and the lush green cliffs all combine for a striking view that is uniquely Bali.


Dream Beach

Dream Beach is ideal for those who like to keep creature comforts close at hand while enjoying a day at the shore. It is Nusa Lembongan’s most popular beach, so it has plenty of tourist-focused services and amenities. Restaurants and bars abound, and one of the oceanfront hotels has an infinity pool overlooking the beach that is open to non-guests for a daily fee.


Devil’s Tears

Devil’s Tears gets its unique name from the forceful ocean spray that results when waves are sucked into a blowhole-like formation in the rocky cliffs along the shore. When the water comes crashing out of the rocks, it creates a powerful spray that has been dubbed the Devil’s Tears. Visitors hoping to see the most striking water bursts will want to time their visit to coincide with high tide.


Mushroom Beach

Like Dream Beach, Mushroom Beach is popular with tourists, so it features a number of services aimed at visitors to the area. There are several good restaurants and cafes right on the beach for those who want to dine out. A bit farther back are several markets, which sell everything needed for a beachside picnic.


  1. Spend Some Time in the Sea by Snorkeling

The Indian Ocean is one of Bali’s greatest natural resources as well as one of the primary drivers of its powerful tourism industry. The crystal clear water is stunning, and the colorful fish that populate the coral reefs below the surface have been luring snorkelers and scuba divers from around the globe for decades. While visitors can surely enjoy Bali from dry land, it would be a mistake to plan a vacation to Nusa Lembongan that didn’t include some time in or on the sea.














Nusa Penida is the biggest of the three Nusa Islands just off from mainland Bali. The island is as beautiful as it is on the pictures, and it is everything you can imagine. If you're an adventurous person, you will have a lot of fun discovering Nusa Penida. There are so many incredible things to do in Nusa Penida, an island off the coast of Bali. Nusa Penida is known for its rugged coastline, insanely blue waters and pristine white-sand beaches. While the most famous spots on the island are the T-Rex beach and Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida has many more must-see places.


What the best destination of Nusa Penida?

  1. Broken Beach

Despite the name, there isn’t an actual beach here. Surprisingly enough, you will witness one gorgeous cove with an archway opening at the end which lets the turquoise color waters in. It turns out that the waves from the Ocean has been causing erosion to the cliff for centuries and create the archway that influence the name Broken Beach as the cove is not fully enclosed.

And here’s the scary part: The current is very strong. If you are not a strong swimmer, odds are that you could potentially get dragged into the Ocean. Just be careful when you swim here

  1. Angel Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is most popular for its crystal clear water tide pool where you can swim and pose for an extraordinary photo.

A word of caution: you should never swim to the edge of the pool. There has been accidents where people died after being pulled into the ocean by a sudden high waves crashing over the pool.

  1. Kelingking Cliff and Beach

There are actually two different way you can experience Kelingking. First, you could spend hours climbing down the stairs to Kelingking beach. You’ll enjoy an almost private white sand beach that will leave you speechless. Problem is, it’s not for everyone. You should only attempt going down to the beach only if you are physically fit as this will test your endurance at an extreme level.

The next alternative is enjoying the view and even witness the sun setting behind the T-Rex shaped cliff.

  1. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Beach is a great place to relax and unwind. If you are a good swimmer, you could also spend sometimes snorkeling at the Beach and play with colourful exotic fishes and watch the corals.

  1. Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is a very memorable beach due to the sweet formation of rocks, white sands and cliffs, like something from a typical Thailand paradise picture. Atuh Beach on Nusa Penida or Pantai Atuh as it’s known in Bahasa, is one of the most epic beaches in Bali. It’s a rough drive and a short hike down to the beach but boy oh boy isn’t this incredible little bay worth it!

  1. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is an untouched, white-sand, and silky blue water bay on the eastern tip of Nusa Penida. With the, in 2018, almost finished stairs, Diamond Beach is ready to become one of the next highlights of Penida island.

  1. Teletubies Hills

Teletubbies Hill or (Indonesian: Bukit Teletubies) is the latest a photography hotspot in Nusa Penida, and now became popular as the prewedding photoshoot location of Bali.  With mounds and indentations on hills that resemble small mountains with beautiful lanscapes with green grasses like Teletubbies films that make this hill dubbed Bukit Teletubbies. Here you can see from the hill of green slopes that embellish these slopes and the separation between the adjoining slopes is a half circle.

  1. Tree House

The Tree House (Rumah Pohon) on Nusa Penida has become one of the most popular attractions, it is perched up on the mountain at Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) viewpoint near Atuh Beach.


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